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SAP Startup Forum – Venice

13 Lug 2014

With the Big Data market expected to reach $48 billion in 2017 and venture funding crossing $2.5 billion in Big Data companies, Big Data is no longer a “fad” but a reality facing many businesses. Along with emerging new trends like the Internet of Things, wearable computing, etc., Big Data is disrupting existing organizational business models and heralding a new era in computing and intelligence. This rapidly growing market is a tremendous opportunity for startups with unique solutions developed on a flexible and scalable high performance platform.


We are bringing together experts and speakers who will help shape the discussion around the needs and gaps in the industry and where Big Data is heading.


We are looking for promising startups interested in exploring and developing solutions on top of the enterprise application platform, SAP HANA.By handling massive volumes of structured and unstructured data entirely in its in-memory database, SAP HANA enables applications and analytics to execute data intense operations right where data resides. In doing so, SAP HANA helps customers to achieve performance improvements of up to 100,000 times compared to traditional, disk-based databases while running non-disruptively alongside the existing technology landscape.Learn more on SAP HANA.


Join us for a SAP Startup Focus Program overview and networking event and learn how you can make the most of SAP HANA and our Big Data development accelerator.


Please confirm your attendance soon as places are limited.



What to expect:

  • Network with the Big Data Startup Community

  • Learn from industry experts and speakers

  • Discover new insights into the SAP Startup Focus Program

  • Explore core technologies and develop solutions in SAP HANA

  • Participate in hands-on activities; install and configure a full, free HANA development environment and do data modelling, code exercises



No charge to attend. Food and beverages will be served.


Requirements for Startups attending Day 2 technical sessions:

  • Bring laptop with OS Windows 64 bit/Linux 64 bit/Windows 32 bit

  • Get an AWS account at

  • Submit online SFP Agreement at


Agenda to follow.


Participation, recognition and/or awards are not an endorsement, guarantee of business success nor are they intended to imply interest from SAP as to funding, acquiring or partnering with our invited guests.

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